E4E teachers work in schools in Los Angeles and several adjoining cities in southern California to elevate the prestige of the teaching profession and improve outcomes for all of our students.


Vergara: Get the facts

Educators 4 Excellence hopes that the verdict encourages teachers, parents, students and administrators to come to the table and work toward a tenure system that serves both student and teacher needs.

INFOGRAPHIC: Vergara as an opportunity for teacher voice

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Pay it forward

Check out "The Equity Movement" and "Pay It Forward," containing recommendations from E4E Teacher Policy Teams on how Los Angeles can improve school climates and teacher compensation to elevate teaching and learning.

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LA True Grit: Read the report

"True Grit: The Game-Changing Factors and People Lifting School Performance in Los Angeles," offers tools for educators and policymakers to strengthen and leverage culture, data, collaboration, systems and partnerships to improve student performance.

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LAUSD to receive MISIS support from federal government, Microsoft

November 25, 2014 – Microsoft has already sent personnel to Los Angeles to work on the student information system, and the federal Department of Education will be sending team members to work on improving implementation issues in December (LA School Report). »

E4E Teachers Talk Back: Isaiah Sago

November 25, 2014 – Isaiah shares why he's passionate about working at a community day school, and why that leads him to advocating for larger changes to the education system. »

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